Ohio State at Purdue | The Journey

published 1 month ago by Big Ten Network

The Boilermakers upset the Buckeyes during week 8 and The Journey was there to chronicle all of the action. New content from "The Journey" is uploaded every Tuesday. Get alerts and SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube:

60 minutes that's why we can play football resisting does place 60 minutes. Let's make sure we play harder we played tougher we place the order played with. Put the ball in number 4 is. As you possibly can because he's a playmaker every time he touches the ball he has a chance to do something special. Wow rolls out plow rolling rose. You know one of the keys to the game we talked about it dues stars to play like stars and I'll tell you what Rundell Morris doing this part this game today. 11 yards on 9 receptions. And they have the out the back field while back. 8540 ...

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