How nationalism and globalism can coexist | Wanis Kabbaj

published 7 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

Why do we have to choose between nationalism and globalism, between loving our countries and caring for the world? In a talk with lessons for avowed nationalists and globalists alike, Wanis Kabbaj explains how we can challenge this polarizing, binary thinking -- and simultaneously be proud citizens of both our countries and the world.

So 2 weeks ago I searched word nationalist on Twitter the results were quite colorful with expressions like emboldened racist moron. White supremacist Egypt. Fascists sock puppets. Our William Hitler in terrifying I then searched word globalists and got things like socialist sent out. Disgusting corporate propaganda. Elitist financial overlords. Rootless cosmopolitan rots. Even by social me just under the words are cool and discussing but they reflect the intensity of one of the most fundamental questions of our times nationalism or globalism ...

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