Michael McKee, ObserveIT - Business Security Weekly #103

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT, joins us to talk about the importance of focussing on people, and you do that to experience growth. Full Show Notes: To Learn More About ObserveIT, Go To: www.observeit.com/securityweekly

Coming up Mike McKie the CEO observe it joins us to talk about the importance of focusing on people now when you do that you experience growth will talk about the growth of observe it and what he's got planned for the future and upon I get a break down white difficult people don't actually exist the calls a workplace drama and how to learn and how to keep it going business security weekly starts now. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Live from the studios in Rhode Island if the show we explore the business of security to improve the security of your trusted source for actionable insights on leadership communication and get ready for business security we. Today's a term detectors easily bypass even the most advanced network defenses trying to ramp of staff to check their back doors can cost thousands of dollars ...

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