Bugs, Breaches, and More! - Application Security Weekly #36

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Paul and April Wright discuss a jQuery Plugin that has been exploited for years is finally getting patched, a flaw in LibSSH leaves thousands of servers at risk, and a remote code implantation flaw found in Medtronic Cardiac Programmers. Full Show Notes: Follow us on Twitter:

This week Keith is in the land down under some joined by April right we're gonna be discussing a J. curry plugin that's been exploited for years finally getting patched or mode remote code implementation flaw found in Medtronic cardiac programmers hackers hiding in crypto currency of Mao where in the derby flash updates in the government is finally rolling out 2 factor authentication for federal agency domains and Disney is helping women from across their company to become developers special as a said special coast is April right joining me today so stay tuned for all that more on this episode of applications security weekly. The. He production ...

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