AD #1910 – More Chinese Buying Pickups, PSA Posts Better Earnings Than FCA, Ford Expands Mobility Testing

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- More Chinese Buying Pickup Trucks - FCA Reports Mixed Earnings - PSA Outperforms FCA - Ford + MIT = Mobility - Mercedes Launches MasterSolutions for Upfitting Vans - You Said It!

On today's show big pickup trucks are starting to catch on in China PSA posted better earnings then FCA. Another mobility. From a car company. All that and more coming right up. On Monday. This is not a line daily does show for automotive enthusiasts. Well lucky here turns out Chinese consumers are really taking a liking to pick up trucks. Even though the pickup segment in China is small just over one percent. Bloomberg reports that pick up sales shot up 36 percent last month. Far outpacing the rest of the market and the growth is not coming. People looking to haul things around. The real growth is coming from urban cowboys who think it's cool to tool around in a big pick up. One guy in inner Mongolia paid over ...

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