The CraveCast relives its youth at Comic-Con while preparing for future binge-watching, Ep. 26

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Comic-Con 2016 got nostalgic with Double Dare, Pokemon and Power Rangers, but also offered a glimpse of more great geekery to come. The CraveCast crew reports back on all of it.

Welcome to the great cast your vote Eric Mack. Live from C. this high desert bureau with the annual geek press that was comicon 2016 is now over but were still digesting all the news and everything that we learned whether it's the improbable revival of the Nickelodeon classic double dare on all things Star Trek beyond or the latest Pokemon developments there is so much to rehash from the annual meeting of the United Nations of nerds are a little later on in the show also get an update from the major political conventions going on in the U. S. this month which strangely have some cross over with comic con I but first let's check in on our panel and introduced them including those that made the pilgrimage to comic con this year I'll live in the scene a studio there we have Kelsey Adams Chris ...

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