AD #1907 – Production Running Red Hot, GM and Isuzu End Truck Partnership, U.S. Plans More Charging Stations

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Plans More Charging Stations - GM and Isuzu End Truck Partnership - Ford Makes It Easier To Develop Apps - BMW Expands Connectivity - North America Running Red Hot - Why OEMs Don’t Want You To Mod Your Car

On today's show the Obama administration plans a big investment to build Evey charging stations Ford makes it easier to develop apps for sing 3 and why automakers don't want you to modify your own car on that mark coming right up on online daily. Does not align daily for July 22 of 2016. Electric vehicles only make up a tiny portion of the overall car segment one of the things holding back the vis is a lack of a charging infrastructure so in order to tackle that problem the Obama administration is planning to invest up to 4.$5000000000. To create a charging network across the country. Federal state and local governments will partner with automakers to build the fast charging stations by 2020. Automakers are pouring billions of dollars into developing electric ...

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