AD #1905 – VW Cheating May Go Back Further, Is The Diesel Dead?, Autonomous Chevy Bolt Spied On the Road

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Cheating May Go Back Further - Is The Diesel Dead? - Tesla Edits Its Name - Another Automotive Scandal - Autonomous Bolt Spied On the Road - Autonomy Benefits Too Big To Ignore

And then a shell VW's diesel cheating may have started years before we suspected one of our viewers spies in that time the Chevrolet bolt and the most important point that everyone seems to miss regarding that test with the Taliban involving auto pilot. All that and more coming right up. David. This is out of line daily the show for those of you who. Truly care what's going on in the automotive industry. Volkswagen is back in the news over its diesel cheating scandal and this thing is far from over now what's being sued by New York Maryland and Massachusetts. You claim that VW developed 6 generations of defeat devices. Starting in 1999. And the Attorney General of New York accuses current C. E. O. Matiz Mueller of being aware of this cheating as early as 2004 ...

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