Yammer updates – From new user experiences to new IT controls

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

Microsoft Mechanics takes a deep and hands-on look at updates to Yammer for enterprise-social, from enhanced security and compliance to greater team productivity. Angus Florance from the Yammer team demonstrates new integrated experiences, including Office 365 Video and Delve. And for admins, we'll show you new controls for analytics, merging networks, and managing users.

Durable take a look at updates to Yammer for enterprise social movement hand security compliance and greater team productivity to new integrated experience with office 365 including off video and dell and we take a look at news admin controls for analytics virgin network and many users. Regular bangs warrants from Yammer came. Welcome of unity amor it provides a private enterprise social network free organization I might be thinking it's been a few months before you heard anything from the our team but there's been a lot going on this new hearing absolutely Sir since we've become part of the office 36 by family adoption of Yammer is going faster than ever we've spent a lot of time recently really integrating enter into the back in the office 365 really trying to leverage some of their security compliance **** and make an enterprise grade school ...

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