AD #1904 – Alfa 4C Spider Gets the Axe, FCA Investigated For Sales Fraud, CAFE Mid-Term Battle Begins

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- CAFE Mid-Term Battle Begins - China Bans Autonomous Testing On Roads - Mercedes Bus For the Future - How To Make Vans Desirable - FCA Investigated For Sales Fraud - Alfa 4C Spider To Get the Axe

On today's show EPA since the auto industry is doing a swell job of meeting fuel economy standards China bans testing of autonomous cars on public roads and Mercedes shows us its vision for future bosses. All that more coming right up. On a 90. Bottling daily for July 19. King. There's a big argument going on over fuel economy regulations in the U. S. environmentalists are fighting auto makers who are fighting the regulators. Yesterday the EPA released its technical assessment review or tar of the cafe standards so far basically it says that the auto industry. Track to meet those standards. But because of cheaper gasoline prices more people are buying trucks and SUVs Benedict's affected so instead of hitting a fleet average of 54 0.5 miles per gallon and 2020 ...

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