Sayagyi U Ba Khin: a talk by Patrick Given-Wilson

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In this video, Patrick Given-Wilson explores the life of Sayagyi U Ba Khin the foremost lay teacher of vipassana meditation in Burma and S.N. Goenka's teacher. He achieved extraordinary results with his students in short periods of time, and combined this with a stellar career as a senior civil servant in Burma, at times holding six to seven different senior government positions. He had a strong conviction that "the time-clock of Vipassana has now struck" for the worldwide revival of the Buddha's path to liberation, and directed his considerable energy towards its fulfillment. Download Video (718 MB) Copyright 2018 Dhamma Bhumi, Australia For more information about Vipassana meditation please visit Books and audio resources are available for purchase from the Pariyatti bookstore. May all beings be happy!

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