AD #1903 – Ford Super Duty’s Super Power, Lightweighting the Buick LaCrosse, New Corvette To Debut In 2019

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- NHTSA More Than Doubles CAFE Fines - Chevy Continues F-150 Attack - New Corvette To Debut In 2019 - Grand Wagoneer Set For Next Year - Jeep Celebrates 75 Years - Ford Super Duty’s Super Power - Ford Dealers Pay Big to Service GT - Land Rover Uses AI For Boat Team - Lightweighting the Buick LaCrosse

On today's show Chevy launched another blitzkrieg against the Ford F. series so for punches back with nearly 1000 pound feet of torque and why Land Rover is going sailing as an exercise in data mining on that and more coming right up online de. This is not allowing daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. The penalty for not meeting fuel economy targets in the U. S. is about to get a lot stiffer automotive news reports that the national highway traffic safety administration is more than doubling the fines that hands out for missing cafe targets. The agency will find automakers. $14 for each point one MPG it's over the target multiplied by the number of vehicles that sold previously it was $5.50. Most automakers ...

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