Rare whale encounter, M&M’s for ferrets & a massive ivory haul

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

The Great Barrier Reef experiences the worst coral bleaching in history, a runaway lion is recaptured in South Africa, the mysterious coelacanth gets important new protections, a woman in Florida comes face to face with a panther and why is Japan still hunting whales for research purposes?

This week's episode saving endangered ferrets with Eminem's a massive ivory hall in Tanzania medical although with a rare genetic condition an affair box itself in a car in Colorado 30 knots Indians India with the massive ivory bust in a joint to day operation with Interpol police arrested 9 people and seized 1.2 tonnes of ivory firearms narcotics stolen cars in explosives were also found during the operation in the U. S. government plans to save an endangered ferret using Eminem firing drones black footed ferret populations face threats from a bacterial disease called so that a plate but an oral vaccine is available Estes tricky to distribute entered the candy feuding drones to glorify gumball machine will be able to fly over large areas dropping vaccine laced Eminem's every 30 feet. Staying in the U. S. where scientists are turned into 3 D. printed turtle eggs to help solve a potion prop ...

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