The Great Global Pagoda

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Great Global Pagoda (video) This 16-minute film offers a stunning look at the Global Pagoda being built on the outskirts of Mumbai, India's most populous city. It is a modern wonder of engineering and vision. Architecturally, this building will be by far the largest single-span stone dome in the world, twice as big as the Basilica of St. Peter at the Vatican. Computer-guided stone saws are at work beside craftsmen using timeless chisel and hammer techniques. Download Video (89 MB) Runtime: 19 minutes The Global Pagoda pays tribute to Myanmar for safeguarding the Dhamma by reflecting the outer form of its famous Shwedagon Pagoda. However this pagoda is being built as a hollow structure that will seat 9,000 for meditation, and feature a gallery with educational panels and displays to inform visitors about the matchless contribution of the Buddha to human history. Thus it is intended to serve as a beacon of practice and education for multitudes, for centuries to come. The placement of the keystone by which the dome shall be closed (in which the relics of the Buddha shall be placed) will occur on October 29, 2006. For this function the respected Sangha of various Buddhist countries has been invited. Publisher: Karuna Films Publication Date: July, 2005 There is more information about Vipassana meditation at, and books and audio resources available for purchase in the Pariyatti bookstore. May all beings be happy!

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