W12 Smart Contracts Made (super) Easy

published 4 months ago by ICOReview Channel (youtube)

to give you something while my voice is gone: here is the w12 review done in collaboration with crypto daily. They are an interesting mob! Check it out. Also in the future i think ill be sticking to this slightly faster format style as i just prefer it. Let me know what you think in the comments! -------------------

Hi guys I'm a dean from Yasser review channel if you want to see more in depth reviews come over and do the whole follows subscribe thing but for now we're taking a look at the W. 12 all I see are so at a glance at that I and open a particle for creating and executing smart contracts and decentralized autonomous organization I'll let you Google that one so sounds great but what does all that mean so the company what you're able to do is use the W. 12 platform to generate smart contracts for you all I see your crowd funding campaign charity whatever it might be but you don't need to have any sort of programming Noli Jole anyone on your team necessarily within the smart contract programming knowledge on paper W. 12 is drastically lowering the barriers to entry ...

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