10 Questions About Voting in Municipal Elections

published 8 months ago

Municipal elections tend to have much lower turnout than provincial and federal campaigns. As Ontario prepares to vote for new mayors, councillors, and school trustees, The Agenda discusses the basics of how municipal elections work.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter TVO.org slash daily. It's the level of government that provides the most direct services to citizens but generally gets the lowest voter turnout if we knew more would more people vote. Well let's give it a shot here's Gabriel Edelman director of the urban policy lab at the university of Toronto's Munk school of global affairs and public policy for 10 questions on municipal elections Gabriel welcome nice to have you here except me question one when do municipal elections take place in Ontario October 22 that's an easy question thank you that's an easy one and it's every 4 years right it's right number 2 what will you see on the ballot when you go to vote so it's a little bit confusing you'll see many many names often times you have a list for mayoral candidates in most municipalities sometimes it goes by the name of other ...

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