Paris: The Monocle Travel Guide

published 3 years ago by Monocle

Paris is not all about picture-perfect cobbled streets and romantic vistas. Our guide seeks to cut through the clichés and steer you away from the tourist-thronged sites to discover the “real” Paris. Published by Gestalten, The Monocle Travel Guide to Paris is available now at [The Monocle Shop]( .

NMO she cities in the world that evoke the same level of sentiment as Paris it's the city of light in the city of love. Most of Paris's charms a Silvius that it hardly requires a guide to find them rather the problem is how to search at the you need the face of all the historic sites exams critiques restaurants and cafes this is where the multiple travel guide to Paris steps in with cut through all the touristy noise to uncover the lesser known gems we feel embodied the essence of the French capital. You'll find lavish institutions here but we've also look beyond the big players to discover places personality from design oriented gems to cozy guest houses the city's boutique hotels are dynamic and character. But all this place ...

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