AD #1900 – FCA Offers Bounty to Hackers, Mercedes Develops a Luxury Golf Cart, Nissan Launches Self-Driving Feature

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- FCA Offers Bounty to Hackers - Volvo Joins Cyber Security Coalition - BMW Expands 3D Printing Use - Daimler Trucks to 3D Print Spare Parts - Mercedes Helps Develop Luxury Golf Cart - Land Rover Demonstrates Autonomous Off-Road Technology - JLR to Test Autonomy in the UK - Nissan Launches Semi-Autonomous Feature

I'm today shall SCA will pay a bounty to anyone who discovers how to hack into its cars Land Rover introduces autonomous technology for off road driving and golfers can ride around in comfort in this new card from Mercedes all that and more coming right up. Bottling daily the news program for those who really need to know what's happening in the automotive industry. Well Hey all you hackers out there here's a way to make some money with their hacking skills. FCA will pay a bounty to anyone who discovers a way to hack into its cars. It will pay anywhere from $150 up to 1500 box. Depending on how serious the security breach is actually a is pardoning with a San Francisco company called Bob crowd which will run the program. Here's the founder of ...

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