AD #1899 – Honda Develops New Hybrid Motor, Mazda and Isuzu Team on New Pickup, GM to Test RoboGlove in Plants

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda Makes Hybrid Motor w/o Heavy Rare-Earth Metals - Used Car Sales and Prices Up - Small SUVs Perform Poorly in Headlight Test - Mazda Teams with Isuzu on New Pickup Truck - 2nd Gen 3.5L EcoBoost Gets More Power - GM to Test RoboGlove in Plants - Renault Reveals MEGANE Sedan

And today show Honda says we don't need no stinkin rare earth metals when used car mileage comes down prices go up and Mazda and Isuzu announced. Collaborate on a new pickup truck all that and more coming right up. Online games. This is not a line daily for July 12 of 2016. Several years ago China began limiting shipments of rare earth metals which are used in lithium ion batteries for hybrids NTV's well that was a big problem because the country accounts for over 80 percent of global production. In response to this a number of companies started looking for alternatives and now Honda says it's developed the first hybrid motor magnet without heavy rare earth metals. They neodymium magnet was developed in conjunction with title ...

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