#221 – 10 Tips for better indoor sports photos

published 1 year ago by Mike Howard

10 tips for shooting better indoor sports photos, plus Fall foliage tips and a new tripod design called Lumapod.

So number 221 here this is the last show for September. Head into that only I said last week over next week right yeah. I Tim last show I had a title the bonus it falls coming we never talked about fall we'll talk about it tonight but maybe fibers can yeah fall is coming eventually and you know October for me kind of feels like fall. My wife and I are heading up into the north Georgia mountains sometime in a in early October. I don't know if the lease will be changing quite yet around but if not then view but I I I will talk about this a second I want to spend a little bit time warm up there staring out a few locations. Yep. All right so let's get started I got I got something to do the second half of this that was a question or Facebook ...

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