Top Plays: Maryland at Iowa | Big Ten Field Hockey

published 4 months ago by Big Ten Network

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Wonderful afternoon a big 10 field hockey on display this afternoon through the top teams when after years a look at some of the top ways beginning with a big save it number 3 from there a holiday to stop the penalty corner there's all ages being a brick wall going down as you also made a a save on stick later in the game you want 2 consecutive quarters. Ready for top play number 2 again off of a penalty corner. Holly the double the flexion it's a not for Iowa. Sometimes if that your team doesn't get the deflection Emporia Mike off another team because you had such a hard shot. 2 Terrapins here's the number one play the game winning goal for Madison acquire. Good solid fatter eyes up and down mug wire there so connected on offense and Maryland 4 guards are always ready in the circle when the shock of the cross they were ready on the road this afternoon ...

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