All By My SELF | LAS 424

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We go back in time and take a look at what you missed at SELF 2016. Plus we're 1% closer to the Linux Desktop, why Evernote sucks & more!

Exaction show is created by Jupiter broadcasting it's sponsored by tango to last save off your first device or plan and DigitalOcean go to and use the promo code here's the thing all one word like your slur in it it's going to be on the next break for free and clinics academy go to links slash unplugged and invest in your mind while saving some money welcome to the links section show episode 424 my name is Noah my name is Wes Hey Wes joining if this is your like video debut. finally on your foot your faces here this is it that's right I exist everyone thank you for this yeah I was on the next button it's really it's great to be here you're not you're not a hologram thank you very much for taking the time to be here if I had to come up with a single word to describe the show. I wouldn't be able to do it and telegram would write me anyway because it's amazing a these are all we're not but it would cover it because the show is gonna be so that the show's going to be be incredible we're going to talk about do not gonna talk we're ...

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