Behind the design: Surface Pen and screen interaction

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

A look at the physics behind the Surface pen and display interaction. From pressure sensitivity to parallax and latency.

Coming up we look at the physics behind the sofa spent and displaying direction. I'm pressure sensitivity to parallax only see. Let's start with pressure sensitivity. Right the pressure ladies for person to person. It differs even for the same person between writing drawing and painting. Because there isn't a one size fits all we've designed the new surface bent to support 1024 level depression. You can see in the surface engineering test after. As I press harder. Square becomes larger. Also using the surface that you can adjust the pants pressure sensitivity. Suit your preferences. Even though you're only adjusting. The sensitivity curve. Feels like a pen to pressure is adjusting its. We want the feel of the pen against the screen to feel just right for you to. Which brings me to the second topic. Friction between the tip and the screen. To help with this. A surface mine is available but for different types. Ranging from extra ...

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