How whistle-blowers shape history | Kelly Richmond Pope

published 6 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

Fraud researcher and documentary filmmaker Kelly Richmond Pope shares lessons from some of the most high-profile whistle-blowers of the past, explaining how they've shared information that has shaped society -- and why they need our trust and protection.

How many of us have ever seen something thought that we should report it but decided not to. Not that I need to see a show of hands but I'm sure this is happened to someone in this room before in fact when this question was asked to a group of employees 46 percent of them responded by saying that they had seen something and decided not to report it so if you raised your hand quietly raise your hand don't feel bad you're not alone this message of if you see something to say something is really all around us even when driving down the highway you see billboards like this encouraging us to report crime without revealing ourselves but I still feel like a lot of us are really uncomfortable come forward in the name of the truth I'm an accounting professor and I do ...

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