Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure - Enterprise Security Weekly #110

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Doug White interviews Mark Russinovich at Microsoft Ignite. Doug and Mark talk about Azure Confidential Computing, Mark's book Zero Day, and Azure security. Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

Effectively securing your organization and its reputation requires a smarter approach to maximize efficiency and minimize risk security experts turn to log with them the only leading solution built solely for security teams by security team committed to your success with next Gen sim user ID entity behavior analytics network traffic in behavior analysis security automation and orchestration and compliance logarithm provide security mates more. The greatest threat to businesses today isn't the outsider trying to get it it's the people you trust the ones who already have the keys employees or contractors and privilege users 60 percent of online attacks are carried out by insiders to stop these insider threats you need to see what users are doing before an incident occurs observer combat insider threats by detecting risk activity investigating in minutes effectively responding in stopping data lost give it a test drive and observe forward slash security weekly. Today's the term detectors easily by ...

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