AD #1895 – Brexit to Impact Car Sales, All-New Porsche Panamera Details, Chevy Celebrates 50 Years of Camaro

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Brexit to Have Big Impact on Automakers - Lincoln Offers Pickup and Delivery on All 2017 Models - Why China’s Not Consolidating - Chevrolet Camaro Turns 50 - All-New Porsche Panamera Details

On today's show global car sales are expected to fall because of the Braggs it Porsche introduces the all new pan amerikanischer he celebrates 50 years of the Camaro all that more coming right up on online dating. WNED. This is not allowing daily for June 29 of 2016. Last week citizens of the U. K. stunned the world after they voted to withdraw from the European Union. The price that cost a lot of economic uncertainty and talks of a looming recession. And a new report from IHS automotive says it's going to have a big impact on auto makers to researchers say the practice that could cost carmakers. About 2. 0.8000000 in sales per 2018. I a test lowered its global sales forecast by 200000 units this year 1.25 0 ...

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