Money, Money, Money

published 1 year ago by It Is Written Television

Even though you can’t live without it, having it can bring all kinds of complications. The Bible speaks more about money than almost any other subject. In Money, Money, Money you’ll find out how you can prevent what God intended to be a blessing from becoming a curse. Make solid, spiritual decisions regarding your finances. Join John Bradshaw and special guest Julian Archer and learn how to handle money to the glory of God.

This is it is written I'm John Bradshaw thanks for joining me everybody wants it I think the truth is most everybody needs it and when people get it it seems that what they want next is more it seems as though we can never be satisfied with the amount of money that we have and that might just be a problem we read in the Bible that god is willing to bless his people but sometimes it can be that those blessings are allowed to become curses let me read to you from Matthew chapter 19 with Jesus shared one of the most curious verses in all of the Bible met ...

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