AD #1893 – China May Lift Joint-Venture Mandate, EU Wants Similar VW Diesel Payout, Ford Honors 1966 Le Mans Winner

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- China May Lift Joint-Venture Mandate - EU Wants Similar VW Diesel Compensation - Mercedes AMG GT R - Ford Honors 1966 Le Mans-Winning GT40 - Automotive Hall of Fame’s Unlikely Inductee

I'm today show China considers giving foreign automakers more independence receding introduces a more powerful version of the A. M. G. G. T. and 4 pays homage to its 1966 Lamar winner all that and more coming right up on on a line David. This is not a line daily for June 27. 2016. A little over 2 decades ago China began mandating that foreign automakers must form a joint venture with the domestic Chinese company in order to operate in the country. The foreign companies are only allowed to take up to a 50 percent stake in the venture but now Bloomberg reports the government is considering lifting that cap. The chairman of Geely says removing it will encourage competition and benefit consumers. However the China ...

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