ITV 72 | Your Strengths + Authentic Executive Leadership {Interview :: Deana Porterfield}

published 8 months ago by Becky Hammond

Women leaders, you will not only be inspired by the life and work of Dr. Deana Porterfield -- you will walk away with clarity on what authentic, confident executive leadership is all about. Listen or Watch Isogo TV Episode 72 with us!

Hi there I'm Becky Hammon founder and strength maven over IT so go and you so the welcome to you so the TV the video podcasts and now an audio podcast to hear on his TV we are fueling marriage connection parenting grace and work energy by focusing in on your strengths instead of 4 fixating on your weakness. Today you are joining us for episode 72 and we're in the middle of our E. so we TV interview series. If you haven't caught that previous conversations yet I highly recommend you go back and be sure to listen in because these are inspiring people inspiring regular people you because it by talking to leaders coaches parents spouses. We are bringing a live the life changing stories that have been fueled by people's unique and brilliant strength in their work or their marriages or their parenting. And today our guest is ...

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