Australia's Psychic Cowgirl - October 10, 2018

published 6 days ago by A1R Psychic Radio

Show: Australia's Psychic Cowgirl Host: Tonia Reeves Date: October 10, 2018 Time: Wednesdays at 10:30pm US Eastern Time Website: Copyright 2018 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.

On the right. You. And to guide you stop while it's so we're heading on up to do our mediumship arm wakes up with Lisa Williams any animal dreaming to be amazing Alexander team I don't got the Olsen just into a lady with me as my right companions meaning. Sorry lovely to connect today I'm so glad to me and. Very on a jet we actually buy it savings time everything's being swept around so it will be more challenging bat tight when you love a challenge silent spring it on so I said I was going to try to you about when we connect to spirit away in spirit around this out to you take note of the signs and to be aware of them being around this and I've had a few messages and politely people ...

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