ClayTrader Mail: Live Trade Video Warning!

published 6 months ago by ClayTrader

I’ve talked about this before, but I wanted to get another video out there surrounding the idea behind my live trade videos that maybe you’ve seen on YouTube. Free Education Risk: A Case Study – watch the video HERE

Yeah I'm just not that nice. Before you get to this you to comment I've see the back drop a little bit different it's summer here in Michigan and instead of being cooped up in the office doing this I thought you know what let's just go outside and do a video for the next few weeks a you will see outdoor videos and that's just because I want to enjoy the weather and we do refer record multiple mail videos all at once but anyways that the common here that I wonder for 2 is basically somebody saying Hey clay I like your life trade videos but I mean you really don't have any detail and then you really don't tell your thought process in depth at all and why you're doing certain things and just full disclosure that is all by design I did a video on this a long time ago in fact I'll put a link to a blower I talk about and kind of just offer up a warning that these live trade videos are not how to videos they're just what ...

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