Packing Light and Right: Bags and Travel Gear

published 3 years ago by Rick Steves

In this travel class on packing light, Sarah Murdoch gives you a tour of her carry-on-the-plane-sized luggage (with everything she needs for several weeks in Europe), and outlines the pros and cons of backpacks vs. rolling bags. Visit for more European travel information.

Video is an excerpt from a much longer packing talk by Sarah Murdoch to view other topics or to watch there is packing talk in its entirety visit Rick or check out my Rick Steves you to. Enjoy. Next thing that we're gonna talk about is we're going to talk about bags and what bad you should take. I had the bags I think are important in terms of size because of the changing restrictions with airlines so most important thing you're going to need to do is to be sure to choose something that is up to the current standards of the airline you're going to fly on you don't just look at the American Airlines let's say you're flying on delta and you're going to Amsterdam. If you look at their restrictions they're going to tell you that you can carry on something like 25 counts now who in this audience can carry 25 pounds and put it over their head that's actually quite a lot some people can some people can't so what you have to do is look at the restrictions for your particular airline ...

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