AD #1892 – VW to Pay Diesel Owners, Boxes: Not Just for Kids to Play With, Chinese Buyers Switching to Chinese Brands

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- VW to Pay Diesel Owners in the U.S. - What’s the Most Important Auto Show? - Hydrogen Fuel Could Cost $0.50/Gallon - GM Developing Fuel Cell Sub with the Navy - The Amazing Stretch-O Car! - Jeep Hits Jackpot with Wooden Parts Crate - New Porsche Panamera Pics Leaked - Chinese Buyers Switching to Chinese Brands

On today's show Volkswagen owners in the U. S. will get anywhere from a grant to $7000 jeep hits the jackpot selling wooden crates. And Chinese car buyers are increasing. Chinese car brands. All that and more coming right up on online daily. This is not a link daily for June 24 of 2016. Back on February 8 of this year we predicted that Volkswagen would be fine somewhere between 9000000000 and $12000000000 in the United States. Now Bloomberg is reporting that VW will be slapped with a fine of 10.$2000000000. It fits right in with our prediction owners will reportedly get a cash payment of 1000 to $7000 depending on the age and condition of their car and because some of the cars cannot be fixed ...

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