AD #2452 – BMW Says Batteries Will Always Be Expensive, Jeep to Make 1st PHEV, Fiat 124 Has Highest Inventory

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- BMW Says Batteries Will Always Be Expensive - Luxury Brands Struggling in China - Ford Revamps Its Advertising - Jeep to Make Renegade PHEV - Even Bugatti is Considering an SUV - Toyota Helps Promote Wheelchair Moto Cross - Trump to Give Thumbs Up to E-15 - Fiat 124 Spider Has Highest Inventory

On today's show BMW says Evey batteries will always be expensive president trump give the okay to more ethanol in gasoline and sales of luxury cars are slowing down in China all that and more coming right up. Online. This is not online daily the voice of the automotive industry say will electric cars be saved by a big battery breakthrough never says BMW Klaus Freud like a member of BMW's board of manager says battery costs will not go down with higher manufacturing volumes as the band for cold ball to make batteries goes up he says the cost of cobalt will go up to BMW's cost to make battery packs is between 100 and 70 and $250 per kilowatt hour that means a 100 kilowatt battery ...

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