AD #2451 – Model 3 the Safest Car Ever? Ford Likely to Layoff Workers, Mercedes Makes Big Battery Investment

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Tops NHTSA Safety List - Ford Reorganization Likely to Lead to Layoffs - Mercedes Makes Big Battery Investment - Formula 1 Racing Results - NASCAR Racing Results - NHRA Top Fuel Racing Results - Income Breakdown of New Car Buyers - The Kind of Women Who Drive Muscle Cars

On today's show is times less model 3 the safest car ever made Ford tells it salaried employees to get ready for lots of layoffs and the surprising thing we learned about women by muscle cars all that and more coming right up. 9 days. This is not a line daily the voice of the automotive industry say is the Tesla model 3 the safest car ever made even though NHTSA already gave it 5 fives its highest crash rating the agency went one better it did a statistical analysis of the probability of injury and determined that the model 3 offers the lowest probability of injury of any car in a frontal crash the model 3 absorb the impact while the orange engine in an Audi a 4 is thrust towards the passenger cabin and in a side impact the model 3 does a better job of ...

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