AD #1889 – Merrill Lynch Turns Bearish, Toyota Adds Children to Virtual Dummies, Diesels Still Strong in Europe

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Merrill Lynch Lowers U.S. Sales Forecast - Diesels Strong in Europe, Not in U.S. - FCA Has a Shifter Problem - Toyota Expands Virtual Crash Dummy Lineup - Cadillac CT6′s 360-Degree Video Recording System - New LEAF to Have 200-Mile Range - NACTOY Adds Category for SUVs and CUVs

On today's show Merrill Lynch lowers its sales forecasts for the U. S. market Toyota ants child models to its virtual crash simulations and diesels hold strong in Europe what's cooking it on the chin in the U. S. all that and more coming right up on online dating. For those of you in the northern hemisphere today is the summer solstice the longest day of the year for those of you south of the equator. Welcome to winner. Merrill Lynch is lowering its sales forecast in the U. S. market for this year and the next 2 years to come. It had predicted that sales would hit 18.2000000 vehicles this year now it says they will hit at 17.7000000. When John Murphy the senior automotive analyst for Merrill Lynch was on auto line this week earlier this year he predicted the sar ...

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