The Lively TV Show: Episode 13 - Paris & Avignon

published 4 years ago by Jess Lively

Vive la France! Today we're going to explore Paris and the Jardin Du Luxumbourg where Mr. Lively and I got married. Next, you'll meet Anna. We met at a cafe in London and decided to take the train to Avignon together. When you're open to the flow, it's exciting to see what (and whom) comes your way!  Camera Used to Film This Video:  Canon G7X    Website:  Instagram:  (Remember to follow my adventures in real time on Instagram using the #alivelyadventure hashtag!)

Out in here and this is my first official full day here I decided this morning the first place they wanted to go was to the place where I got married 4 years ago in August now I am sitting in front of it right now. Yeah I mean turn it around. Yeah the. Yeah that. Yeah here the learning that it is okay great there between the statue ends that. A little side where. So lively all so many years ago. It was interesting to come back to this location and see how I would feel I have been telling people I was coming to Paris and I really wanted to come on my own because I ...

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