The design and performance of Surface Pen, an engineer's tour

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

In a continuation of our engineering focus, we take a brief but revealing tour of the ergonomic design and performance of the latest Surface Pen with Director of Program Management, Vineet Thuvara.Vineet explains, how the new Surface Pen is designed to deliver a natural and comfortable experience for writing and drawing in the digital domain while also offering a clickable and convenient way for you to interact with your applications.

We embark on the journey to design the use of. But the vision to make the best writing and drawing instrument what. That did what and natural and comfortable user experience for the digital domain. Today I share with you a quick overview of the engineering that went to the design of this. Economics to use that experience and that. Getting the comfort right the quite a focus in shape weight and balance. For example the Pet depend. Perfect. Against the screen as you write it. We did use the flat side. That makes the surface been more comfortable to hold. It also means that the pen is always oriented correctly for the select button. We one of the select button to be accessible under the index finger but the same time designed in such a way that it cannot be pressed accidentally. Another change you notice is the tail button. This now serves as multiple functions. Clickable button launch applications. Click and hold launch Cortana. You can double click ...

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