Updates to Office 365 in High Contrast Black Mode on a PC

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

On today's demo bench, we are joined by Xbox Engineer, and member of Microsoft's Accessibility Community, Steven Liss. Steven walks through why High Contrast mode is so important for people such as himself with a visual impairment and highlights the latest enhancements in Office 365 applications to support High Contrast themes in PCs. To learn more, visit

Microsoft were making big and prudence to the way office 365 desktop apps handle high contrast mode. The team incorporated feedback from users within Microsoft such as myself who have visual impairment. Today I'll walk you through some of the highlights. First no I'd like to show you why high contrast mode is so important to users with visual impairments. Here is the office ribbon that many of you are familiar with. Now most you probably don't have a problem seeing this. However I'd like to show you what it looks like to someone with a retinal disorder like myself. Or to someone with cataracts. As you can see most the content completely disappears. Really just the tab names are visible. Here high contrast mode can really help. As you can see with it enabled now not just the tab names are visible but also be icons and the tax. We were ...

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