Redefining the Laptop: An engineer’s tour of Microsoft Surface Book

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

Take a guided tour of the design and engineering behind the Surface Book, Microsoft's first laptop. Jeff Stewart, Director of Program Management for Surface devices, demos and details this redefining laptop.

When we set out to design the surface book we set out to redefine the laptop today we'll give you a tour of the technology behind surface but and what makes it different. Redefine the laptop required a focus on 2 objectives for the circus team. Best in class laptop fundamentals like performance displayed keyboard delivering on design and engineering innovations that set surface book apart. Let's begin with a look at the display. The surface but resolution is 3000 by 2000 or 267 pixels per inch. That's 6000000 pixels. But it's not just quantity. Quality. This display delivers an amazing 1700 to one contrast ratio and 100 percent of the sRGB colour space. Each displays individually color calibrated at the factory to deliver consistent true color. In addition to a best in class display a laptop should deliver great performance. Surface but use the 6 generate ...

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