AD #1886 – VW Gets Another Extension, Rolls Royce and MINI Look Into the Future, Ram Rebel Gets Moparized

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Volkswagen Gets Another Extension - Mitsubishi May Have Cheated More - MINI and Rolls Royce Look Into the Future - New HUD Connects to Phone and Car - Ram Rebel Gets Moparized - Discovery Sport Tows a Train - Honda’s New Accord Hybrid

On today's show BMW comes out with some wild looking concepts to help celebrate its one hundredth anniversary thumb ram rebel gets mopar iced in VW gets another extension. A satellite Steve. Scandal on that and more coming right up. I do. This is our land daily for June 16 of 2016. Back in April VW reached a preliminary agreement with US officials on how it will compensate diesel owners with a mission cheating software the deadline for the settlement was set for next week but Bloomberg reports that the company has been given until June 28 to file because of the quote highly technical nature of the talks. The company has set aside $18000000000 to cover the cost. But analysts on a recent auto line this week conclude ...

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