AD #1885 – VW Plans to Restructure, Mercedes Turns to 48-Volt System, Nissan Developing Multiple Fuel Fuel-Cell

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Volkswagen Plans to Restructure - Verizon Helps Tackle Fleet Management - China Works at Breakneck Speeds - Mercedes Turns to 48-Volt System - Nissan Developing Multiple Fuel Fuel-Cell

I'm today show the W. considered selling off assets to help pay for its diesel scandal Nissan develops a fuel cell that runs on ethanol and product development in China is done at breakneck speeds. All that and more coming. I'm Dave. Bottling daily for June 15 of 2016. Volkswagen's diesel scandal is going to be expensive some analysts predict it will cost the company $70000000000 to reimburse customers and pay fines and legal fees. In an effort to pay for that Bloomberg reports that VW plans to. Buying the components units of each of its brands to. Costs and boost efficiency. The company is also reviewing its brand portfolio to see if it wants to sell non core assets. Which could include do come ...

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