São Tomé: blinded by the sun

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Monocle's Steve Bloomfield and photographer Zed Nelson travel to São Tomé to report on the corruption and misguided ambition that have been a blight on the fortunes of this tropical African island.

There is one main road in south tiny this isolated tropical island off the west coast of Africa it runs north and south have to the city a ribbon of black that report. It's way through that and jungle. Hospital on the trees with. But long lead. Harms the height of 5 story houses. Climbing in winding into the mountains before winding its way down to sea level. And at the end of the road is the ocean. This is without some a comes to a halt. To the left waves rolling royal sweating it will live there and creation full crashing against the blackrock sending what Seth high into the human data. To the rights the ropes up ground creating an enclosed in perfectly calm who the laps up against pristine ...

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