VIDEO: EP112: Art of the Deal: Marisa Murrow Tells Us About Painting Mobile Home Parks

published 2 years ago by Park Street Partners - Jefferson Lilly & Brad Johnson

Welcome to Episode 112 of the Mobile Home Park Investors podcast, hosted by Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson, with the Park Street Partners. Today’s guest brings an interesting perspective and talent to the industry. Marisa Murrow is a visual artist and painter, and her subject matter? Mobile homes! Marisa explains on today’s show why mobile homes make her feel peaceful and free on today’s episode!   Key Takeaways: [2:25] What did Marisa do before she became a visual artist? [5:30] What kind of paint styles does she use? [6:30] How did Marisa get started in painting mobile home parks? [8:15] Marisa has been making mobile home park paintings for the last 15 years. [9:05] How many mobile homes has Marisa painted over the years? [11:35] What is Marisa process and how does she get started on painting a mobile home? [13:55] Marisa also does mobile home park sculptures! [17:10] What do people think of Marisa’s work? [22:10] How much does Marisa’s artwork sell for? [23:05] Marisa explains how her style has evolved over the years. [27:15] Marisa shares some funny stories about dealing with mobile home park owners and tenants.   Mentioned in This Episode: Park Street Partners Investment Opportunities Park Street Partners Business Resources LinkedIn: Mobile Home Park Investors Group Send deals to Wayne Thiebaud

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