Do Chemicals Make it Harder to Burn Calories? - The Exposome and Metabolic Health - 2018 COAST/SSEW Symposium

published 4 months ago by UCTV

Michele La Merrill, PhD, MPH, UC Davis Professor of Environmental Toxicology, discusses how calories are burned and whether some chemicals make it harder for us to burn calories and stay slim. Series: "UCSF Consortium for Obesity Assessment, Study and Treatment" [Professional Medical Education] [Show ID: 34086]

So it's now my pleasure to introduce a Shelagh Meryl who is a professor of environmental toxicology UC Davis where she recently received Tonya in July and she's also I won the woodie from an I. H. S. Michelle. I'm gonna gonna build on what you heard from doctor Bloomberg. We keep talking about young obesity is important I really I like these graphs because I I think it's important to recognize that this really is a problem going on worldwide and really I'd like to think of obesity is a malnutrition disease which is all the way and many people think about it and you can see from these Graham ...

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