Vidcast#46 - Cat Bowling

published 8 years ago by Cal Curtis

Sometimes it is hard to get your sweet little pussy cat to do what you want her to. But now a innovative feline owner has developed a technique by which technology has prevailed over kitty stubbornness. Some might call it a small "catastrophe". It seems that the majority of you really like this video series. But please let us know if you want to go back to a few more audio podcasts occasionally as well. To see more go to and make your desires known.PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR US AT PODCAST ALLEY!PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR US AT PODCAST.COM AS WELL!Please Digg US!Please continue to support Kitty Cat Cast and get 10% off domain names and other Internet resources at When making a purchase use our promo code "cjcsave10" to receive your discount.

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