AD #1878 – Land Rover Sues Chinese Copycat, Ford Performs Strong in Europe, BMW’s i Brand Shifts Focus

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Car Loans Getting Stretched Out? - Ford Posts Strong Profits in Europe - Land Rover Sues Chinese Copycat - Citroen DS Car Hauler - BMW’s i Brand Shifts Focus - Maven’s Growth Plans - Walmart Dabbles in Mobility - Google Teaches Car to Honk - The Why Behind Mobility

On today's show Land Rover launches a lawsuit over another copycat designed from China on Wall Street over looks forward strong performance in Europe and who the heck came up with this amazing car hauler all that and more coming right up. Online. This is online daily for D. day 6/6/2016. Our finance companies in the U. S. that offer car loans getting stretched out that's what the C. E. O. of JP Morgan chase as. Bloomberg reports that Jamie Dimon warned that the car lending market is getting a little stressed. He said that some companies are going to end up losing money but a couple of the big lenders such as capital one and ally which is owned by General Motors say these worries are overblown however many in the financial community worry that ...

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