Is the Desert the Best Place for Solar?

published 4 months ago by UCTV

Undoubtedly solar energy will be part of the solution in regards to the affects of climate change, but is siting solar energy installations on public lands, such as in the Mojave Desert, the best place to do so? UC Davis researchers are looking at the effects of human development in the Mojave Desert and where other locations may be to site solar energy other than undisturbed landscapes and agriculture fields. Series: "UCTV Prime" [Show ID: 34099]

The desert really are one of the last frontiers of wilderness but also deserves more attention in terms of understanding how we can rapidly develop renewable energy in a way that limits environmental impacts well I think there's a common misconception that desert is a barren and lifeless place and that's really. As far from the tree that he can get my opinion once you start you know walking around in the desert you start to see. Turn the light and I was something that was surprising to me. The Mojave Desert is very much a land of extremes for several weeks in the spring and for several weeks in the fall this area comes alive fuels vibrant that there's electricity in the air thunderstorms roll through the ...

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