AD #1877 – Audi Redesigns the A5, Chevrolet Sales Tank in China, Bosch Develops Autonomous Parking App

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- New Audi A5 Coupe - Takata Recall Spreads to Motorcycles - Chevrolet Sales Tank in China - Le Mans Gets SAFER - Bosch Develops Autonomous Parking App - The Opel Bitter CD - China Steers Away from Copycat Designs

On today's show GM does well in China white Chevy takes a pounding bar shows off its autonomous parking technology and we identify this mystery car all that and more coming right up on moneyline didn. This is not a link daily for June 3 of 2016. New products are what the car business is all about that's what brings customers into the show rooms so it's critically important to keep up with what's new in the market. An Audi just introduced the all new versions of the A. 5 and S. 5 coupes. As you can see the styling is similar to the previous model but it evolved. Especially in the front end. The more dramatic differences are under the skin. The coops are built on an all new chassis and thanks to the use of lightweight materials are up to 132 pound ...

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