AD #1875 – War Brewing Over Wi-Fi Spectrum, Ratings Show Racing is in Trouble, How to Analyze New Car Sales

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ratings Show Car Racing is in Trouble - Opel Shows New Zafira Minivan - War Brewing Over Wi-Fi Spectrum - Porsche Offers In-Dash Nav for Classics - Tesla to Charge Model 3 for Supercharger Network - How to Analyze New Car Sales

On today's show all war is breaking out between auto makers and the telecoms TV ratings show that car racing is in trouble and some advice on how to analyze. Car sales on that and more coming right up. On a line do. Bottling daily for June 1. 2016. The Indianapolis 500 was a sellout but fewer people watch the race on television racer magazine reports that about 5.8000000 people watched the race in the U. S. but that's down from 6.4000000 people last year and it's not as if those people decided to watch online only 23000 people were streaming the race. And television speak. The Indy 500 earned 83 0.8 rating which is not that big for a major sporting event ...

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